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Test for 280+ genes. Avero’s most comprehensive carrier test that is inclusive of rare diseases.

>95% clinical sensitivity for most diseases across all ethnicities.

Avero Carrier Test Genetics

Test Code

5064, 5068

Specimen Type

1 – 4 mL lavender-top EDTA tube.


  1. Complete the test requisition form (provided separately).
  2. Peel off label from the test requisition and label tube with patient’s name and date of birth. Failure to provide two patient identifiers will prevent or delay testing.
  3. Follow standard venipuncture protocol.
  4. Gently invert tube 8 – 10 times to ensure proper mixing of the preservative.
  5. Put the sample in the specimen bag with the absorbent sleeve and seal the bag.
  6. Insert completed test requisition form into outer pocket of specimen bag.


5 days ambient / 10 days refrigerated
Store at room temperature 65 – 86°F (18 – 30°C).

Turn Around Time

All tests results are delivered in 14-17 days.

Download the requisition.