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Non-Gynecological Cytology

Test Code


CPT Code

Fee for service will vary depending on the type of specimen received and methodology:

88104, 88108, 88112, 88160, 88162, 88173, 88305

Transport Temperature and Stability

Room temperature with fixative (3 days); refrigerated without fixative (1 day)

Rejection Criteria

Slide broken beyond repair, unlabeled container and/or slide or leakage of entire specimen during transport

Transport Container / Specimen

CytoLyt® or 95% ethanol, if CytoLyt® is not available

Turn Around Time

48 - 72 hours


Requirements differ greatly depending on the type and source of sample. Contact Client Services for specific collection instructions

Test Setup

Monday - Friday (days)


Microscopic evaluation performed

Download the requisition.