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Progensa PCA3

Urologic Pathology, Molecular Pathology, Gynecologic Pathology

Test Code


CPT Code


Transport Temperature and Stability

Progensa Transport
Room temperature 5 days
Refrigerated 14 days
Frozen 11 months

APTIMA Transport
Room temperature Not acceptable
Refrigerated 5 days
Frozen 6 months

Rejection Criteria

Specimens with volumes outside the fill range as indicated on the tube, sample past stability, expired media.

Transport Container / Specimen

Progensa PCA3 Urine Specimen Transport Kit 2.5ml OR alternate Aptima Urine transport tube 2ml

Turn Around Time

3 to 4 days


  1. DRE- Apply enough pressure to slightly depress the prostate surface, from the base to the apex and from the lateral to the midline for each lobe. Perform exactly three strokes per lobe. This is not intended to be a prostatic massage.
  2. Urine Collection- Immediately following the DRE have the patient void the first 20-30ml of urine into a urine collection cup. Urine must be transferred into urine specimen transport tube within 4 hours of collection.
  3. Specimen Transfer- Tightly cap and invert the urine specimen 5 times to resuspend cells.
  4. If using a Progensa kit, transfer 2.5ml of urine into Progensa tube.
  5. If using APTMA transport, transfer 2ml of urine into APTIMA tube.
  6. Tightly place the cap on the Progensa or APTIMA tube and invert five times to mix the specimen (Do not shake or vortex). The fluid level should be between the black fill lines on the transport tube label. Label with two patient identifiers.
  7. Discard remaining urine.

Test Setup

Monday - Friday (days)


Transcription-mediated amplification (TMA)

Download the requisition.