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Breast Prognostic Panel

Breast Prognostic Panel: ER, PgR, Her2, Ki67, and p53 IVD antibodies

Breast Pathology

Test Code


CPT Code


Transport Temperature and Stability

10% Neutral buffered formalin vial or Paraffin block:

room temperature indefinitely

Positively charged slides:

room temperature 30 days

Rejection Criteria

Specimens collected using alternative methods or specimens in formalin outside of the 6 – 72 hour window may not be rejected but may include a disclaimer on the final report

Transport Container / Specimen

10% Neutral buffered formalin-fixed tissue OR formalin- fixed paraffin-embedded tissue OR seven positively charged slides with 4µm sections

Turn Around Time

72 hours


  1. Collect biopsy(ies) with care. Avoid crushing the specimen with forceps or other instruments.
  2. Place tissue in 10% neutral buffered formalin within one hour of excision.
  3. Notate on requisition the time of tissue collection and cold ischemic time.
  4. Label specimen container with two patient identifiers.

Test Setup

Monday - Friday (days)


IHC with quantitative scoring

Download the requisition.