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High Risk HPV/ HPV Genotyping

Genotyping 16/18/45 available

Molecular Pathology, Gynecologic Pathology

Test Code


CPT Code


Transport Temperature and Stability

Room temperature 30 days

Rejection Criteria

Specimens not collected in ThinPrep, Liquid Based Pap Vial, insufficient volumes, excessive lubricant or blood, expired media

Transport Container / Specimen

Gynecological specimen collected in a ThinPrep, Liquid Based Pap Vial, 20ml

Turn Around Time

24 - 48 hours


  1. Collect gynecological sample using a broom-type or cytobrush/spatula cervical sampling device.
  2. Twirl or swish device into a ThinPrep vial containing PreservCyt Transport medium. Discard collection device, do not leave in vial.
  3. Cap the vial tightly, label vial with two patient identifiers.

Test Setup

Monday - Friday (days)


Nucleic acid amplification of mRNA

Download the requisition.