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Urine Cytology

Urologic Pathology

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CPT Code


Transport Temperature and Stability

Room temperature 3 days

Rejection Criteria

Less than 10ml of fluid, specimen past stability, expired media

Transport Container / Specimen

Urine Cytology/ UroVysion FISH Collection Kit OR ThinPrep UroCyte; voided urine

Turn Around Time

72 hours


  1. Collect 60ml voided urine in the 120ml urine collection cup.
  2. If urine exceeds 60ml, pour off the excess.
  3. Pour the entire contents of the PreservCyt solution (30ml) into the collection cup containing urine. Ratio should be 2:1, urine to PreservCyt solution. If urine volume is less than 60mls, adjust volume of PreservCyt added accordingly.
  4. Tightly secure the cap on the specimen collection cup, label with two patient identifiers.
  5. Invert to mix.

Test Setup

Monday - Friday (days)


Microscopic evaluation performed

Download the requisition.